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A 21st century management science consulting firm

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ENTROphi is a management consulting firm headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. We are an affiliate of the global firm ICG (Internal Consulting Group). We partner with clients in all sectors as advisor's and implementers of business and operations strategy.

Business Native

ENTROphi can help you improve your core business. Our network of domain specialists, strategic thought leaders, certified project leaders provide business native experience and capabilities 

Unbundled Approach

The ENTROphi delivery model is extremely flexible to customize to YOUR needs.  You decide how you want to leverage our capabilities and we will exceed your expectations

Highly Competent

We have high competence in the application of cutting edge management consulting tools

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Some things we can help you with ...

4 issues that can make a huge impact on your business

Why ENTROphi?

We are responsive, 21st century consultants who can help reduce the "entropy" in your organization to release breakthrough business performance



We can offer our expertise in ways that will provide your business with the optimal outcome and experience.



ENTROphi offers both functional and industry specific management consulting services delivered by pedigree consultants with many years of experience

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Systems Thinking

ENTROphi embraces systems thinking at its core, meaning, the business outcomes it delivers are profound, sustainable and holistic



Business organizations are open systems with a high degree of complexity. We know how to manage complexity whilst reducing your organizational Entropy